Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I write this at my favourite cafe in Palm Cove, because I am lucky enough to live here and I am on holidays.  One of the simple pleasures of being a North Queenslander is experiencing the holiday-feel even when I am not on holidays - because everyone around me is on holidays and it is impossible not to get swept up into this feeling...

As a high school teacher I am fortunate to get school holidays and one of the good things about the summer holiday is it is a long time.  Time to empty my head of the clutter and busy-ness of the school term and the roller coaster pace of student’s lives and time to allow fresh and new ideas to enter - hence here is my new blog.

My passion is geography, which means I am interested in people, places, culture and solutions to social and environmental issues.  Which means I read and try to read widely.  But here's the thing ... I am a really slow reader.  It takes me ages to read a book.  I think it is because I think about the ideas the book generates in my mind and chew over these; rather than seeing a book as something to complete and tick off a list, I really enjoy reading for pleasure. 

I also have the memory of a goldfish, so want to try and hold my thoughts and enjoyable moments in any way I can, so am embarking on a blog to capture these ideas and to share thoughts to create discussion.

My wish is that students also join in on this blog and share their literary discoveries, as you are my inspiration to find new and interesting books to add to the bookshelf.  My greatest pleasure is when a student 'finds their book' and begins the lifelong journey of reading for pleasure.  I hope you can join me in sharing your inspiring reads and perhaps the not-so-inspiring ones too, so we know what to avoid:)

Welcome to the blog...

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