Sunday, December 25, 2016

Grace Beside Me by Sue McPherson

Inspiration rating: 8/10
This book has inspired me to think about my career as a non linear process, but more as a collection of skills to draw on to invent a new direction.

Recently I was in Bris-vegas catching up with family and came across a gorgeous community bookshop in Annerley.  Amongst the shelves i found a table dedicated to Australian indigenous authors.  On it was this wonderful little gem of a book called, 'Grace Beside Me', by Sue McPherson.  This sweet little semi-autobiographical fictional narrative is honest and Australian to the core.  It celebrates the simple pleasures in life and that awkward yet significant stage of life when you are seeking your identity as you say goodbye to childhood and open your world to adulthood in all its complexities.  It does not try to be anything except honest and real.  Although the excerpt I have drawn on is quite lovely, the story touches on some very painful and real issues that affect the author as an indigenous girl.  It is done through the eyes of Fuzzy Mac who whilst living in her peaceful and beautiful environment, all is not perfect and her family history eventually catches up with her when she comes of age. 

Here's a little excerpt.

Nan sits in her favourite chair in the living room content on knitting while watching the telly or listening to ABC radio.  When it gets really cold Nan sits in the kitchen in front of Maud, our slow combustion stove, with the oven door open so more hot air is pushed out to help her warm her and Puss, who loves it when Nan knits.  She will happily sit on Nan's lap slowly kneading the wool with her paws and purring.  Walking into our house on a cold day makes me happy, the smells of home baking, the warmth and having family close is a sweet kind of wonderful." p. 162.

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